There is a famous story about a farmer who found the egg of an eagle and took it home to place under a hen to hatch.
The eagle was hatched and lived among the chickens.

He grew up with them and considered himself one of them. As such, he was content walking and scratching the floor for his food.

Till the day he saw an eagle flying in the sky. He admired the elegant bird and asked what type of bird it was. He was told it was an eagle. He sat there staring in awe and wishing he could be an eagle.

He never “became” an eagle.
He died thinking he was a chicken.
He died wishing he was something he already was.

This is how many of us live.
We have been created by God, bought by the precious blood of the Lamb and we are free.
Yet many of us live scared of the devil, afraid to take risks, afraid to soar!

Today, take a look in the mirror and know who you are.
You are an eagle.
You are born to soar.
So stop scratching the sand, stop playing at the bottom.
Don’t be a chicken because you are living among chckens.