My son’s school had reached out to me to come speak to their Year 6 students. The head of school had seen some of my posts and figured I would be a good fit. 

They were running a campaign on the Seven Habits Of Happy Kids, and needed it reinforced accross all the year groups. 

I accepted. I would be happy to speak to them. I happily went off to prepare my slides. 

A day to the agreed date, they called me from the school and apologised profusely that there had been a double booking and they would like to shift me to another class. I raised my eyebrows, really? It turned out that I was told to teach the same topic to year 2! That is 6-7 year olds! 🙆‍♀️

I can tell you for free that I almost declined. What? That is work! How do I get them to listen? That age group is restless. And I am not a trained teacher. Oh no, my slides suddenly were useless! I had 24hrs to change tatics. Hmmmm…

Well, not one to be easily defeated, I showed up the next day with a video to butress my teaching. While the IT man was setting me up, I had to suppy an ice breaker. Guess what it was? The game “Concentration”.

After rounds of “names of boys, girls, animals etc.”, they were so thrilled, they almost didn’t want to stop. I had gotten their attention. Great! 👍

We started. The children were unbelievably smart, and very knowledgeable… More than I expected. Their participation was 110%, I even had to dodge some questions. 🤣

At the end of the session, I asked them questions and they answered brilliantly. So I was sure they had understood. I was happy. 

I played the video once more and they chanted along. My work was done. 👏👏😊

I went to the laptop to retrieve my flashdrive when a little boy came to me. “Excuse me Ms. How do you do it? I cant speak in front of even five people.” 

At the end of the session, I asked them questions and they answered brilliantly. So I was sure they had understood. I was happy. 

He looked so sad, I wanted to hug him. 

But I asked instead, “Oh, why can’t you speak in front of people?”

“I am usually scared.”

“Aha. That’s a small matter. I was also scared today.”

His eyes widened, “really?”

“Yes really. Most great speakers are a little scared just before they go up on stage.”

“So what do they do?”

“I’ll tell you what I do. Before the day, I practise in front of a mirror over and over till I am confident of my topic. And when the time comes to speak, I find one smiling face in the audience and focus on that one person. If I feel like I’m talking to one, I feel more at ease. Later, I can move my gaze around.”

“Wow. Thank you, Ms. I’ll definitely try this.” And with a hi-five, he skipped away. 

Little dude made my day. I guess God sent me to speak to Year 2 because of that kid. I felt a whole lot better. I had spoken to fifty plus kids and as long as that one had been impacted, I was elated!

Dear friend, your message is for some particular people. But if you don’t keep spreading it, how will you reach them? If I had turned down year 2 speaking, how would I have blessed that little angel? He could very well go one to own great stages like TEDx stages. Amen!

Today, spread your light for the whole world to see. You may be making the world brighter for just one person. Or maybe ten, or a hundred, or one thousand… Or more. It doesn’t matter. Shine anyway!

It’s another Monday and here’s me saying cheers to your greatness! 🥂